alumium honeycomb panel

With these outstanding characteristics, aluminum honeycombs are a 21st century material that can now be used across a wide range of items, including buildings, machines and furniture, cars and railway carriages.

Morishin Industries Ltd. makes Aluminum honeycomb paneling
with the following characteristics:

Ultra light weight

This is due to the fact that 90-95% of the surface consists of holes.


The honeycomb construction is mechanically ideal and when compared with other structures its ability to support weight is outstanding.


The consistency of the adhesion throughout the construction gives outstanding durability.

Corrosion resistant

Through the treatment given to the surface of the panels and the frame, the design allows for the end surfaces to be waterproof.


The surface is level to within 0.05mm per square meter.

Heat resistant

The adhesive used has a high level of heat resistance.

Eco friendly

The aluminum parts of the honeycomb, such as the panels and frame, can be easily dismantled and recycled.